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Bradley Cooper Writes: Cooper’s Writing Character in The Words and His Other Writer Roles

Bradley Cooper doesn’t write in real life as far as we know. But he sure did play some remarkable writer characters in his films, the most recent being The Words.

Before talking about his character in The Words, let’s remember what Bradley Cooper has been writing:

Alias – Will Tippin

Bradley Cooper as Will Tippin, Alias

Will Tippin hard at work, cracking cases. Image via

Alias is one of my favorite shows of all time. It tells the story of double-agent Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) who’s working for CIA to bring down a terrorist organization network-a network that originally hired her disguised as the actual CIA.

When she realizes that she’s been working for the enemy after a very tragic event, she goes to the real CIA, and starts an even more dangerous life as a double agent.

Of course being a double agent requires her to lie to her very best friends for their own safety. This includes Will Tippin, a newspaper reporter who doesn’t let go of investigating the death of Sydney’s fiance (the tragic event that opened her eyes) and gets into a whole new level of trouble afterwards…

Will Tippin is a nice, smart and fun guy. A great friend. He was also a bit in love with Sydney, but he was unlucky when it came to timing. First there was Danny, the fiance she was mourning. And then there was Michael Vaughn (Michael Vartan), her CIA handler- who happened to be the only person she could share everything with. It’s hard to compete with that.

But worry not. Alias is too good for girls-fall-for-bad-guys cliche. Michael Vaughn, despite being a field-trained agent, was one of the nicest guys ever seen on television.

The writer character aside, it is a great action/drama example created by the talented and prolific writer/creator J.J.Abrams (Lost, Forever Young, Regarding Henry, Fringe…)


Limitless – Eddie Mora


Words just flow after the drug’s effects have kicked in.Image via


Eddie Mora (Bradley Cooper) is a struggling writer. But when he stumbles upon a pill that allows him to use his brain in a capacity beyond his wildest dreams, he also gets to become a bestselling author – his manuscript finished overnight.

Of course the pills, fame and super talents will come with a price; threatening his and his girlfriend’s (Abbie Cornish) lives.


Limitless is a great movie for writers, becuase one part of the movie is about a fanasty coming true- ultimate creativity and productivity resulting in the fame and recognition we have always wanted (meaning we sold our manuscripts and can make a good living writing!). And of course part of it brings the price he pays because of the “unnatural” means he used to achieved this.

It doesn’t stop me from fantasizing about something that will come without the side effects and the bad guys,though. Nope, I don’t want drugs.


The Words – Rory Jansen



Our writer has taken the advice of “copy great work” a tad further! Image via

Rory Jansen is a struggling writer who lives with his girlfriend (Zoe Saldana).Their happiness is sometimes threatened by his unrealized dreams as he can’t find a publisher for his novel.

But during a visit to an antique shop, his girlfriend buys him an old briefcase, which turns out to hold a manuscript. As Rory devours it, he feels both mesmerized and inadequate. He starts typing it, just so he can feel  like those are his words for a while.

However his girlfriend reads it, and loves it so much that she pressures him into sending it to an agent. To his surprise, the publishing house he works for (in a non-writing capacity) publishes it and he becomes a best-selling author with critical acclaim. He later successfully publishes again.

But he is being followed by an old man (Jeremy Irons), the writer of the manuscript, who later confronts him and tells his story.

As Rory struggles with his conscience, the old man doesn’t help him much with the process.


In addition to Bradley Cooper, Jeremey Irons, Ben Barnes (Irons’ youth) and Dennis Quaid also play writers. Dennis Quaid is the first writer we meet, as he tells us the story of Rory. It’s up to the viewer to decide whether Rory’s story is fiction, or a semi-autobiographic confession.



Have I missed any of Cooper’s writer characters?  And what’s your favorite writer character from him?

And how about you? Have you created any writer characters?




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2 Responses to “Bradley Cooper Writes: Cooper’s Writing Character in The Words and His Other Writer Roles”

  • Yvette Carol says:

    Hey, Pinar! I haven’t seen all these Bradley movies you’ve listed here, so I can’t add to them. But, as to your other question, it’s almost a cliche isn’t it, for writers to include a character who writes? And yet, we do it all the time, to varying degrees of success. One example of brilliant success is PJ Reece’s book, Roxy, where the grandfather is a writer and he really is believable in every sense. I have written in my books about the love of books, and how important it is to read, but I have to confess I haven’t dared write an actual author yet. I guess that character is waiting in the wings for his or her day to come.

  • Pinar Tarhan says:

    I’m sure you’d create a great writer character if you wanted.
    I should definitely check out Roxy- shame on me, I didn’t have the chance to read it yet.

    And the novel I’m working on, surprise, surprise, has a writer as the most important supporting character. :):) It just feels so natural to write about a writer…

    As for Bradley’s work, I’d recommend Limitless, if I had to pick one. It comes with some great drama and action, as well Robert De Niro and some challenging questions about “unnatural enhancements” and the prices we might have to pay for crossing some lines…

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