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Favorite Cartoons and Images on Writing: The Funny and The Inspiring

How’s your Saturday going so far? Since its the weekend, I wanted to cheer you up  by sharing some of the writing-related images that made me smile or just laugh out loud. Some of them also fueled me to move my butt and get to work. I’m sure you can guess which one(s).

Enjoy! And please don’t neglect to share your thoughts and stuff you like.

P.S. You can check out my Plain Old Writing Fun: My Favorite Cartoons on Writing post for my funny writing cartoons.


seo writer joke

I think I first found this through the Facebook page of PAGE International Screenwriting Awards.

inspirational words on writing

Image via WOW’s Facebook page.

 OK, this also goes for re-reading your previous stories. Getting hung up on old stories keeps us from writing new ones. And while I love creating a new story (it’s a great rush!), I also find it hard to say goodbye to the ones I spent so much time with.


novels adapted into movies

Image via PAGE International Screenwriting Awards.


how to become a better writer



query letter, writing query letters

Image via

 I used this cartoon in  my  Why I Like Querying: 7 Reasons Querying Is Good for Writers post, but it is just too fun not to fun here. Wayne E. Pollard is terrific with writing cartoons, so you might just head to his site for more.

Image via

Image via

Image via

Image via





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2 Responses to “Favorite Cartoons and Images on Writing: The Funny and The Inspiring”

  • Yvette Carol says:

    Hey, Pinar,
    I studied every picture – hilarious! – and true. I wonder, if we were take a poll of how many people have said to us (the writers in their lives), ‘I want to write a book one day’? I feel the same way one of those famous actors does, when their kids say they too want to be an actor, and the parents try to talk them out of it. Everyone else who doesn’t write seems to think it’s the easiest, most desirable job in the world… if only they knew!! The sheer hard graft of the endless, grinding hours spent at the computer, the loneliness, the non-stop editing, the self-doubt, and then there’s the competition! Don’t get me started on the competition! Do you know there are more writers than ever before now? My friend on LinkedIn told us that by the time we reach 2015, there will be more books published in 5 years than there has been in the whole history of books since the printing press was invented. Yep. Let that one sink in… did I mention the sheer stress of the competition? ha ha. However, my dear friend, as I’m sure you’ll agree, when it’s a calling, well… there’s no other way, but to be here, doing this crazy job!! :-)

  • Pinar Tarhan says:

    Oh boy…I hadn’t thought about the competition in a while…
    It’s a calling, and it is a pretty challenging one. I did even write a piece on it for WOW ( on how to manage depression, procrastination and rejection- stuff writers need to deal with much more often than others.
    But hey, despite the difficulties, there’s still nothing else I’d rather be doing. That’s the point, right? :)

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